What are therapeutic modalities?

Therapeutic modalities are non-surgical treatment methods used to complement your chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue work.  These modalities offer another comfortable part of treatment to truly help you become complete again.  These range from using an ice pack to electrical stimulation, or sometimes a combination of both!


Cryotherapy is using cold (mostly in the form of an ice pack) in the acute and sub-acute stages of an injury.  This is important to help reduce swelling and decrease inflammation.  

Moist Heat

A moist heat pack may be used in the office to help increase circulation and reduce muscular spasm.  Heat increases the cellular metabolic rate and can help to prevent trigger point formation.  Moist heat is used in the office as it retains it's temperature for about 20 - 30 minutes.  This will help to increase the extensibility of collagen to improve range of motion.


Therapeutic ultrasound utilizes a crystal in the transducer head to produce high frequency sound waves.  Thermal ultrasound helps to decrease joint stiffness and reduce muscular spasm.  The sound waves increase blood flow to the area which is important in the healing process.  

Electric Muscular Stimulation

Interferential current is used for pain control.  Electrode pads are placed on the injured area and the stimulation will be increased to patient tolerance and comfort.  This modality does not feel like an electric shock- but more like a tingling feeling in the muscle.  Muscular stimulation is used to decrease muscle spasm and reduce pain. 

Flexion - Distraction