Our First Post!!

Hello! This is my very first blog post. (Today is also Chiropractic’s 123rd birthday- so it’s an appropriate day to start blogging!) Be sure to check our blog for different tips and tricks to help you stay healthy! I’ll post recipes, stretches, research, and more that focus on chiropractic and wellness. Leave comments to let me know what you’re looking to see, or if you have a question.

For my first post, I’m going to provide a little introduction to the office and myself, so you can get to know who I am, and what I’m all about! Ready?

My name is Dr. Tara Zempel Kern. I relocated to Maryland from Rochester, NY about a year ago. Maryland has been fun so far! Rochester is cold and snowy… it was definitely time for a change. My passion is chiropractic. I love everything about it. I love treating patients and seeing them get better. I love helping athletes achieve their fitness goals. I love hearing my high school athletes tell me that they won their game or received a sports scholarship to college. There is nothing that makes me smile more than making my patients healthier and happier. I believe in treating the body as a whole and customizing care to each patient. Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to the techniques used. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and technique- if there is something you’re not comfortable with- tell me! I can use another method to treat you so we can still achieve your goals.

In my spare time, I’ve been busy exploring the DMV area. I’ve hiked Sugar Loaf and part of the Shenendoah Valley. I’ve found a Buffalo Bills bar in DC so I can root for my home team. I’ve been trying to meet as many people as possible. This city is full of life- I love meeting people from all different professions and cultural backgrounds. It has been so much fun for me.

If you are considering chiropractic care, please call and come by. I’d love to discuss what I do and how chiropractic can be helpful for you. If you like what we have done, the best thing you can do is tell your family and friends!

I look forward to providing excellent care to you, and the rest of my community.

(I was recently married and changed my last name- but for years, all of my patients referred to me as Dr. Z. Now… I’ve updated it to be Dr. ZK. It will take some time to get used to!)

-Dr. ZK